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Residential Alcohol Rehab

Although many patients benefit from the lax environment of outpatient alcohol rehab, some simply need more supervision and medical intervention than can be provided by outpatient treatment. For many alcoholics, residential alcohol rehab that takes place in the confinement of a hospital or similar facility is the best choice of treatment for the addiction. Residential alcohol rehab is quite similar to inpatient rehab but is provided in a highly supportive environment that is structured and tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient.

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What to Expect at Residential Alcohol Rehab

Many residential alcohol rehabilitation programs will include detox but for some, the strict licensing and regulatory procedures that are required to run a detoxification program are too much. All residential programs do include therapists, nurses, doctors, counselors and other staff members who are trained in the treatment of substance abuse and who can focus their time effectively on helping patients to get well. In many cases, the alcoholics will first attend a detoxification program outside of the treatment facility and will then be transferred into the residential rehabilitation program for further care once all physical dependence issues have been eliminated from the equation.

Following the elimination of physical dependence, the residential alcohol rehab program will shift focus of treatment to helping the addict to create new habits that are healthy, build strong relationships, eliminate existing bad habits and learn life-skills that will aid in the transition back into society. The primary goal of a residential alcohol rehabilitation program is to help the recovering addict to establish a new life that is free from the affects of addiction.

Who Needs Residential Alcohol Rehab?

This type of rehabilitation is not necessary for everyone who realizes that they have a drinking problem. For many, a drinking problem can be eradicated through self perseverance and outpatient rehabilitation. However, for those who are physically dependent on alcohol and have tried other methods of rehabilitation but have not achieved the success in sobriety that they are looking for, residential alcohol rehab can help.

Many different programs are offered in this type of treatment providing the patient with an open opportunities to learn, thrive and grow. Spiritual healing, physical healing, emotional healing and total body wellness are often promoted throughout the residential alcohol rehab program to help patients on all levels. If you or a loved one needs help with a drinking problem, consider residential alcohol rehab one of your best chances at making a full recovery.

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