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What is alcohol addiction?

…and why is it so prevalent in the United States and throughout the world? 

Alcohol addiction is a progressive disease that is not always easy to spot at first.  In fact, millions of people who become addicted to alcohol start off as moderate or social drinkers and somehow unknowingly fall victim to the stronghold and physical dependence that alcohol addiction causes within them.  The result—a difficult to treat disorder that is often marked with serious consequences that are not only life-ruining but potentially life-threatening.

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Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Most people just don’t quite understand alcohol addiction until it affects them directly.  The perils of this fight within one’s self not to drink are not often seen on the outside but on the inside, the alcoholic struggles each and every day with the thought of trying to stay sober, the desire to get well and the inability to control his or her drinking.

Alcohol addiction begins with a few drinks here and there.  It may be casual drinking after work or it may be social drinking at a bar on the weekends with friends.  As time progresses, for some the alcohol consumption will never really change—but for others, physical dependence and an increased tolerance to alcohol will develop which can ultimately consume an individual’s life.  As alcohol addiction progresses, the consequences and life-threatening debilitation can set in.

Do you suffer from a Drinking Problem?

If you have trouble controlling the amount of alcohol you consume or if you drink regularly, there could be a larger problem at hand.  You might have a drinking problem if:

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

There are many different signs of alcohol addiction that may become evident as the disease progresses.  In its early stages, alcohol addiction may only include symptoms such as a nagging hangover, trouble sleeping without alcohol or occasional problems associated with drinking.  As time progresses, the following signs of alcohol addiction are likely to become evident:

Help for Alcohol Addiction

If you or a loved one shows any of the above signs of alcohol addiction, it’s time to seek help.  Many different methods of treatment and therapy are available to help on various levels.  From major instances of addiction in which the alcoholism has completely taken over your life to minor problems with drinking that are slowing progressing into a bigger complication, there’s no better time than now to seek help.  The decision to seek treatment for addiction is a difficult and touch decision to make…we can help!  Call 1-800-895-1695 to talk to a caring specialist who can refer you to treatment.