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Christian Alcohol Rehab

For some, the struggles that come with alcohol addiction run much deeper affecting not only mental and physical well-being but spiritual well-being as well. Christian alcohol rehab programs guide patients through the recovery process helping them to heal physically, mentally and spiritually by promoting a reconnection to their faith in God. The separation from God that arises when an individual becomes addicted to alcohol is on the forefront of any Christian alcohol rehabilitation program.

These programs are made up of pastors, therapists & doctors who are all trained in both addiction counseling and Christianity. Those who firmly believe in Christianity and have their roots in a connection to God can utilize their faith to restore their values, beliefs and sobriety. Christian alcohol rehab programs help by breaking the cycle of addiction and beginning the chain of spiritual healing for successful recovery.

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How Christian Rehab Programs Help

Every Christian rehab program uses faith in God as the primary foundation and cornerstone for the recovery of patients involved in the treatment process. The very first element of life that tends to slip away when an individual becomes addicted to alcohol or any other substance is their faith and connection to God. Faith is often lost when addiction sets in and the only way to restore this faith is to actively work on rekindling a connect with God for spiritual awakening.

Christian alcohol rehab programs help patients by providing them with a place where they can heal and forgive themselves and others, learn how to prevent relapse, and reconnect with God. Healing on a spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological level will enable Christians to take a proactive stance in their recovery from alcohol addiction.

Steps to Healing

Each Christian alcohol rehab program is different but most will use a series of steps that promote overall healing. Rehabilitation has many different phases which are each be guided by a counselor who specializes in addiction treatment. Many of these programs use 12-step methods such as Alcoholics Anonymous to guide the healing process. Throughout the addiction treatment, the recovering addict will learn how to live clean and sober while utilizing God’s forgiveness as their foundation for spiritual healing.

The following elements of rehabilitation are used in addition to the spiritual guidance and support that are provided by Christian alcohol rehab programs:

To learn more about Christian alcohol rehab programs or for help finding a faith-based treatment program in your area, call 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a counselor who can help.