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Private Alcohol Rehab

What do you do when you finally realize that your drinking has spiraled out of control and you need help? Where do you turn for support? Your decision to seek help for alcohol addiction is a vital first step to getting well but you’ll have to go much further than that if you want to make a full recovery. Private alcohol rehab provides you with the support, counseling, therapy, detox and aftercare that you need when you finally find the courage to take the next step to getting well.

Are you wondering if private alcohol rehab can help you?  Our counselors can answer the questions that you have about rehab and will provide you with a free referral to a rehabilitation program that can aid in your recovery.  Call 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a counselor today.

What is Private Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is provided in many different forms from free programs to luxury programs to private programs. Private alcohol rehab programs provide patients with an added degree of exclusivity and privacy or anonymity that cannot be found in a standard treatment program. These programs allow the recovering addict to take retreat and focus on healing physically, emotionally and psychologically without worrying about who will know that they are in treatment.

Many private alcohol rehabs are located in pristine areas of the country such as in the mountains, along beautiful beaches, or on beautifully landscaped retreats. These programs focus on helping patients to focus on recovery without relapse. The environment is much different in private treatment than it is in a public or government funded program but there are also added costs involved with getting such care.

What Does Private Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Most private alcohol rehab programs cost more than public programs because they are not restrained by the federal funding restrictions that many public rehab centers must adhere to. However, you get what you pay for! Private alcohol rehab programs provide many alternative therapies in addition to standard treatment methods. Here’s what you can expect:

The Decision to Get Help

Private alcohol rehab programs provide those who are addicted to alcohol with a safe, effective foundation for recovery. Your decision to get help is the first step of the rest of your life but you can’t stop there! Once you’ve decided to seek solace and to take the steps to recovery, private alcohol rehab can help you find your way. Through guidance, support and many methods of treatment and care, you can overcome addiction and live free from the stronghold and disarray of addiction.

We an help you find private alcohol rehab that’s close to home or far enough away to break free from the local struggles you may have endured–the choice is up to you.  Call our helpline at 1-800-895-1695 for a free referral to a private alcohol rehab that can help you.