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Free Alcohol Rehab

Millions of Americans are addicted to alcohol and despite their desire to quit drinking cannot find the strength to stop on their own. Many want to get help but do not have the resources to pay for alcohol rehab and do not have insurance coverage. Free alcohol rehab programs provide options for those who cannot afford to pay for their own rehabilitation out of pocket but are ready to get help.

Depending on where you live, there could be many free alcohol rehab options available to you. Most states have state funded rehabilitation centers that provide free services. The government also provides certain programs for free alcohol addiction treatment. You may also find free alcohol rehab through your local church, a community organization or through privately funded programs.

Don’t think there are any free alcohol rehab programs in your area?  Call 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a counselor about the programs that are available in your city or town.  Most areas have free and low-cost alcohol rehab programs that are available to help those who have limited funds to pay for treatment.  We can help you find a program near you.

How Free Alcohol Rehab Helps

If you’re struggling with alcoholism, you’ve tried to quit on your own and just can’t seem to beat the addiction, alcohol rehab is the ideal solution for your needs. Unfortunately, if you don’t have much money and you are uninsured, you may think that you can’t get the help that you need. Despite the myth that alcohol rehab must be very costly, many alcohol rehab programs are in fact free of charge and these programs are definitely better than fighting the battle alone.

Free alcohol rehab helps you in the following ways:

Who Should Seek Help

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol, a free alcohol rehab program could be the solution to your problems. You should seek help for alcohol addiction if you have experienced any of the following conditions as a result of your alcohol use:

For help finding a free or low cost alcohol rehab program in your area, call 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a counselor today.  We can provide you with a free referral for free or low cost treatment in your area.